The descendants of successful and charismatic entrepreneurs often face difficulties in conveying their ideas and in contributing effectively to the Family Business. Every family business based on “one man” leadership needs to be walked through a guided route towards a different more managerial leadership style, based on delegation and teamwork, in order to avoid the one-to-one conflict and consequent tensions. Countries, like USA, which have a long and meaningful experience in generational transitions, are an example and teach us that this process can last more than a decade and, only if it is grounded on 3 principles may it be successful.


This module’s objective is to enrich the participants with the soft skills required in a leader. Specific attention will be devoted to communication and negotiation skills as well as mentorship for the younger generations.

Lesson 4.1.

Leadership and negotiation skills

  • Comparison of leadership styles
  • From the best management execution to the leadership
  • Team building and its line-up in business and in family dynamics
  • The role of leadership in a company’s evaluation

Lesson 4.2.

Effective writing skills for leaders

  • How to create effective business documents
  • How to create effective presentations

Lesson 4.3.

Effective speaking for leaders

  • How to prepare and submit documents effectively
  • How to prepare and manage a meeting (cda, corporate meetings, family reunions)

Lesson 4.4.

Mentorship as a means to relate Seniors to Juniors

  • Objectives of the mentoring: self-knowledge; broadmindedness; ability to make decisions; interpersonal relationships
  • Structure and techniques of mentoring: formal and informal organization; duration and frequency; affinity between Mentor and Mentee; the basic rules of communication between Mentor and Mentee