AIFO, the Italian Family Officer Association is establishing a company, AIFO Prime Srl,  devoted to the development and the enhancement of all the services areas for the Family Officer’s professional figure. AIFO Prime, which will be established in 2018, has its roots in two main areas: advisory and networking.

“The mandatory time horizon for a Family Office is forever, i.e. the name of the game is to find the perfect balance between the needs of the incumbent generation and of the future one, which can differ hugely.”

AIFO directly advises families with large fortunes and/or Family Officers in a customized approach, with the aim of sustaining the tangible and intangible value of wealth, in the long-term.


Family Office setup

AIFO fosters Family Office startups whether single or multiple, by advising on which legal structure to use, on which risk management model to adopt, by drafting the business plan and identifying operational tools as well as providing training to the personnel involved. Moreover, it we help families and their advisors to source family office service providers and structure dedicated SPVs.

Effective Philanthropy

Aware that this new approach to philanthropy and investing enables families to be explicit about their family values and reflect them in their investment and wealth management decisions, AIFO therefore has made philanthropy part of its vocation by promoting, assisting in capital raising stages and presenting opportunities to potential investors.

Family Legacy

AIFO provides mentorship to the rising generations who will inherit complex wealth, in order to facilitate continuity by helping to recognize talent, encouraging personal leadership models and fostering a family culture concentrated on communication and processes pertaining to the establishment of future family governance rules.


Startup and Club Deal

AIFO is dedicated to supporting innovation and fostering initiatives, which positively affect the socio-economic environment. Thus, we accompany club dealing initiatives and private equity startups in their early stages, from capital raising to introduction.

Financial Aperitif

AIFO hosts or sponsor on a monthly basis “Financial Aperitif”,  unique and first-class networking events that introduce International and Italian companies and their core “best practice” to AIFO network of professionals and qualified investor.

Private Table

Format reserved only to AIFO members. Exclusive gatherings organized as company or deal presentations to a restricted target audience of 8/10 qualified and professional investors. Usually held early at morning, followed by coffee break.