Family Co-Investments Practice

AIFO Advisory, with the aim of redirecting capital back to the real economy rather than towards the speculative finance and thanks to the support of its network, decided to create a private place where direct investment opportunities can be exchanged.

Family Co-Investments’ practice symbolizes this meeting point, where the projects are mainly selected by the high level of professionalism that drives the direct sponsors of the initiative, and where the projects’ underlying are able to create a real and sustainable value added following ethical and reputational principles.

The search for a sustainable economic return is an increasingly complex challenge for wealthy families and the strategic role that direct investment is playing in the Family Offiers’ portfolio encouraged AIFO to create a context animated by sharing of direct investment opportunities.

AIFO Advisory, in particular Family Co-Investment Practice, makes available to AIFO’s Members and to some of its core professionals, the opportunity of access selected direct co-investments or through “club deal”, without having to incur costs resulting from the creation of a dedicated structure. That is made possible by the consolidated relationships with leading market players, which allow Family Co-Investments to benefits a privileged vision, able to seize in advance important direct investment opportunities.

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