Family Legacy Practice

The transfer of enterprises from one generation to the next one is a complex procedure which in many cases may turns out to be highly controversial between the persons involved.

For a family business, more than any other, values are the source of success, commitment and longevity. They bring power to a business, helping to assure cohesion, resolve conflicts and strengthen operations.

AIFO has developed a proprietary model aimed at entrepreneurial families motivated to ensure the continuity of the family business and the sustainability of governance throughout the generations, meanwhile protecting the Family’s economic, reputational and intangible values.

Family Legacy is aimed at families and their professionals to execute and plan value-inspired changes and strategic thinking well before legal assistance is mandatory to decide corporate governance and reduce the litigations among family members.

The ten-year work experience with Family Office and UHNW families confirms that the Enterprise-Family-Wealth universe is complex and requires working above all on the founding values of the Family and formalize them in a shared document, the Family Constitution, a milestone to pass down a legacy in the various situations that may arise over time. The Family Constitution is a written agreement between family members that formalizes the values, the story and the norms that govern the Family and the succession into the Family Business.

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The Family Legacy advisory is useful anytime a strategic planning is required and particularly:

Before the drafting of patti di famiglia or other agreement as to succession and governance rules

Before the structuring of a trust or other structures for the protection of family assets

Before the strategic review and business reorganization projects

The AIFO methodology accompanies the Family in an intense path of 6-8 weeks of knowledge, awareness and sharing, through four complementary and integrated phases:

Analysis of Family’s relations

The aim is to explore Family dynamics to understand behaviour, issues in context and enabling more effective communication among members on issues with the highest sensitivity related to both the business and wealth.

Evaluation of NextGen’s entrepreneurial attitude

The aim is to evaluate the entrepreneurial potential and talents of the Junior components of the Family, focusing on individual vocations, soft skills and leadership styles.

Mapping of Generational Convergences

The aim is to measure the “generation gap” through the comparison between Senior’s and Junior’s thoughts on different areas of interest such as wealth, business, family, ecc. This allows to identify the convergences and highlight the issues the advisory must work on to prevent litigation.

Formalization of legacy

The aim is to write down the guiding principles and values in support of continuity, drawing the Family Constitution, as well as a Strategic Document, preparatory to the subsequent action plans for the company and legal-fiscal implications.


The Family Communication Report that includes family alignments, hierarchies, roles, ascribed characteristics and patterns of interactions within a family.


The Attitudinal Profile of Junior members combined with career expectation and wealth inheritance perspective.


The Map of Convergences and Generational Divergences between Senior and Junior on survey areas for the comparison between who leads and who will lead.


The Charter of Values and the Strategic Document, elements of reference for the protection and planning of the identity of the Family along the generations.