Family Office Practice

AIFO’s mission is to promote the Institute of Family Office and the professional profile of the Family Officer, with the aim of implementing the strategies necessary to ensure continuity and sustainability along the generations.

The Family Office works as a protector of the complexity entailed in Family Wealth, controlling the risk, managing the performance and helping the Family to identify the intangible values ​​that foster the family identity over time, supporting family legacy and wealth transfer goals alongside other ancillary services.

AIFO Advisory is structured to support professionals or directly Families who are about to set up their own structure, both in the form of a Single Family Office and in the form of Multi Family Office. Whether the conclusion is a full-service Fmily Office or just one person to help project-manage an external team of advisers, the result with AIFO’s advisory is a Family Office that is tailored to the Family.

AIFO Advisory facilitates the selection of activities performed by the Family Office, identifying the correct organizational model, and connecting with our network of specialists and experts from many different disciplines. Moreover, AIFO Advisory can set up the Family Council and guide the Family through the draw of the rules of governance.

AIFO can support the Family Office projects initiated by the Family and / or by professionals both in the first design phase and in the subsequent implementation phases.

Family Identity

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Family Legacy

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Family Philanthropy

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Family Co-Investments

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  • Define mission and positioning
  • Identify the legal structure
  • Design the revenue model, cost structure and organization
  • Write the governance and control criteria
  • Understand the expectations of the Family/Wealth owner


  • Coordinate the communication to stakeholder
  • Help in the selection and training of staff/employees
  • Identify qualified specialists for each area / asset class
  • Set up of tools and software
  • Present opportunities

Operating steps to set up the Family Office

Family Constitution

Carte dei Valori della Famiglia

Lifestyle Management

Analisi dei flussi di cassa

Benchmarking Family Fortune

Consolidato Patrimoniale

Project Management Reporting

Piano strategico annuale

The Institute of the Family Office is progressively establishing in Italy thanks to the increasing mistrust on traditional banking system and to a conjuncture that is fostering the need for a fiduciary and competent management of complex wealth that varies on size and complexity of assets. The awareness of a growing complexity steams from: the intergenerational transitions, the “liquidity events” linked to the total or partial sale of SMEs to private and institutional investors and the new issued regulations (voluntary disclosure, MIFID II, Flat Tax).

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Administration and Concierge

  • Liquidity management
  • Systematic consolidation view of asset classes
  • Financial planning
  • Concierge service (travel, schools, shopping, ..)
  • Intrafamiliary loans

Values and Governance

  • Reputation management
  • Family values
  • Mentoring and education
  • Charity and philanthropy
  • Governance rules

Global Portfolio

  • Asset allocation and due diligence on investments
  • Due diligence of direct investments opportunities
  • Administration of real estate and estate planning
  • Investments in art and collections
  • Global and single asset class performance reports


  • Tax planning
  • Compliance
  • Implementation and administration of trusts
  • Insurance solutions
  • Personal safety