Family Philanthropy Practice

AIFO Advisory offers a methodologically reliable and transparent guidance to Families that want to create a personal philanthropic roadmap and select the correct vehicles and giving operations to become more effective in their philanthropy and impact investing.

Only a rigorous strategy will allow to drive a higher percentage of wealth into socially relevant initiatives. The UHNW families are becoming aware of their privilege and the need for “giving back”, implicitly asking for a guide to implement their philanthropic wishes.

The Family Philanthropy practice is aimed at Families and their professionals to build a process that, starting from the core values of the Family, originates a shared philanthropic action. The advisory allows to consciously select the vehicles and favourite causes, screening on qualitative and quantitative criteria, guaranteeing systematic transparency and reporting, as well as involving the new generations.

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Philanthropy can foster continuity between generations. AIFO wants to support Families and Family Offices in selecting initiatives inspired by a new approach to philanthropy: not only charity but strategic project, supported by a transparent and shared methodology, dedicated to generating stability for family values together with positive and measurable social and environmental impacts. AIFO proposes to the Family a path for philanthropic choices consistent with their intangible values, able to ensure efficiency and control of the dedicated wealth. A philanthropist’s clarity of purpose, therefore, plays a triple role: the giving operation becomes more effective, grantees find it easier to locate appropriate funding sources and philanthropic peers find it easier to network and collaborate.

Whether establishing a unique endowment or supporting favourite causes on an ad hoc basis, we have the expertise to help a new or existing Family Office efficiently execute your philanthropic wishes:

Analysis of Philanthropic wishes

  • Identification of mission and Family’s value
  • Mapping motives, needs, expectations and resources
  • Choosing governance and impact
  • Establishing the donor intent of family’s members

Targeting philanthropic impact

  • Choosing causes
  • Choosing beneficiaries
  • Choosing geographies
  • Mapping organizations both qualitatively and quantitatively

Choosing the right vehicle

  • Donations and Will
  • Donor Advised Fund
  • Public or private / family foundations
  • Charitable Trust
  • Venture Philanthropy
  • Impact Investing

Executing the philanthropic strategy

  • Mentoring Nextgen on philanthropy
  • Choosing vehicles’ governance
  • Selecting professionals and advisors
  • Choosing model and granting

The advisory follows also the post-implementation phase,  monitoring and reporting of philanthropic action plans, evaluating the reputational risks connected with the philanthropic strategy and mapping generated impact.