AIFO, the Italian Family Officer Association, was founded in 2005 by Patrizia Misciattelli delle Ripe and since then has become a meeting point between professionals, qualified investors, family offices and advisors devoted to protecting, preserving and developing tangible and intangible assets of Families and Enterprises.

AIFO’s community is a highly qualified network of professionals providing solutions aiming at turning these assets into dynamic engines, which are capable therefore of sustaining their own growth and that of the social-economic context in which they are integrated. AIFO promotes a long-term approach to wealth management combined with innovative and International viewpoints, necessary to ensure a smooth transition of this wealth to the rising generations. To this end, since 2015, AIFO has launched the first Master in Family Office in Europe to pass on to every UHNW family and its professionals tools, methods and skills to reduce the risk by protecting the tangible and intangible value.


AIFO is devoted to promoting the role of the Family Officer, a professional who is able to integrate into a single project the entire range of services and competences that each individual family requires in order to protect, foster and pass on family wealth to next generations and who has a particular inclination toward problem-solving and project management.

This requires a higher level of expertise as well as customized assistance that in turn goes beyond typical asset management.  That’s why AIFO organizes several events for its network in order to pass on its established knowledge so that every large fortune may be supported by the tools, methodologies and competences required to assist complex fortunes in the entire range of asset classes.



Since twelve years, on a monthly basis, AIFO hosts a “Financial Aperitif”. This Event over the years has become highly anticipated by AIFO’s network and members, attracting to date more than 5.000 italian and international qualified investors, seeking for alternative opportunities to diversify their portfolio. Based on specific requests from members AIFO organizes more reserved meetings.


AIFO has conceived a unique training program aimed at providing the competences and methodologies Family Offices require in order to assist complex fortunes in the entire range of asset classes.
AIFO owns the only Academy at a European level to offer a “Master in Family Office”, structured in 4 sequential modules, based on a propriatory methodology.


Besides AIFO’s main vocation assisting families and their advisors in setting up Single or Multi-Family Offices, AIFO focuses on Philanthropy Advisory and Continuity Projects, using family values to trace a family constitution that will ensure a smooth generational transition and become the pillar on which to base the family’s vision and mission, across generations, thus sustaining family wealth.



The only way to bolster full awareness of responsibilities connected to the management of a large fortune is to embrace a unitary strategic vision and to own the skills to sustain it in the long run. All asset classes (financial and real assets, stocks, intangibles, art and collectibles) have to be integrated in a holistic approach, considering their different risk performance profiles and implementing a strategic long-term allocation plan.

Wealth protection requires broad expertise. It is mandatory to select the best advisors aimed at protecting the value of wealth in highly competitive international scenarios. Other activities for a Family Office includes managing the right global risk-performance balance, identifying the best legal and tax structures worldwide, developing awareness in the next generation, sustaining philanthropy and impact investing projects.

The mandatory time horizon for a Family Office is forever, i.e. the name of the game is to find the perfect balance between the needs of the incumbent generation and of the future one, which can differ hugely. It’s necessary to identify and preserve shared family values to connect the future leader with the past one and to preserve through generations the integrity of the tangible and intangible Family Wealth.